Accountancy practice purchase

Price: $POA

This service requires legal advice and tailoring.  Quoted fees for client acceptance will vary based on the complexity of the advice and/or documentation required.

Buying an accountancy practice is not like buying any other business.  The contract for the purchase of an accountancy practice needs to be carefully checked and often amended to ensure the many specifics of buying an accountancy practice are dealt with to protect the buyer and to maximise the successful post-purchase operation.

There is much to consider that is specific to the accounting profession. Things like:

  • the seller's obligations in convincing clients to stay
  • the seller's role after completion
  • the retention sum - calculation, reduction, release
  • measurement of billings
  • securing key staff
  • adjustment of staff entitlements
  • the restraint on the seller and their key staff
  • seller warranties
  • pre-conditions to completion
  • and more.

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