Deed of Acknowledgement of Title
$192.50 SUPERCentral deed | $385 non-SUPERCentral deed + disbursements

Please note: Clients should consider whether this document is suitable for use in respect of NSW property as from 1 July 2022 the document may be subject to ‘ad valorem’ duty levied by Revenue NSW.

This fixed price service includes general legal review and tailoring.

Care needs to be taken when preparing such a document to ensure that it does not constitute a separate declaration of trust which could create a capital gains tax event or be liable to state duty.

Our documents package includes all the necessary documents to give you the peace of mind of knowing that the Acknowledgement of Title has been validly effected and recorded.

What's included:

  • letter of advice
  • deed of acknowledgement of title
  • written resolution of corporate trustee
  • record of decision of individual trustees

Please note that in some states the land registry will not register or acknowledge the existence of, or the fact that the registered owner of the land holds the land pursuant to, a trust, including a superannuation fund.

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