SMSF deed establishment - individual

Includes establishment deed | 1st year annual update fee | complimentary hard copy folder | CMA if required

When your trustees have their SMSF deed on SUPERCentral, they only ever need to sign one set of documents  and then the fund's Governing Rules are regularly updated when significant legislative or SMSF practice changes occurs.

This unique process ensures that all your SMSFs remain fully compliant, and mitigates advisor and trustee risk.   Your firm also gains major opportunity time and cost savings.

In drafting and updating the funds Governing Rules, five principles have been applied; the rules should:

  1. expressly authorise the trustees and the members to undertake any SMSF strategies permitted by law; 
  2. be always current and up-to-date; 
  3. not impose any constraints over and above those required for complying fund status; and
  4. permit trustees to qualify for any relevant stamp duty/transfer duty concessions which are available under State law. 
  5. When your trustees have their SMSF deed on SUPERCentral, they only ever need to sign one set of documents; and
  6. then the fund Rules are regularly updated to ensure that their SMSF remains fully compliant.

Our simple digitised online ordering process also allows you to easily:

  • establish a corporate trustee
  • apply for fund ANB/TFN registration
  • bundled establishment and conversion including change of trustee in one simple step; and
  • with >4 funds, Advisors gain access to a complimentary range of: 
    • ancillary SMSF transactional documentation; and
    • complimentary technical SMSF advice from Townsends Lawyers

We also provide an integrated range of SMSF technical advisory, legal review and remediation services, many at lower member pricing, that no other SMSF deed provider in the market today can match.

IMPORTANT: Director identification number

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