Estate planning - tailored (standard estate plan)

Price:  Single $660  Couple $990 with 'mirrored' documents

This is a fixed price service including legal review and tailoring (if required)

The leading edge SUPERCentral platform allows us to provide estate planning services in a fixed price solution that provides for an adviser fee for service component.

You may prefer to use our adviser client referral service -  we keep you informed throughout the estate planning process and your client's estate planning documentation is retained in your firms online account for your future reference and update.

The estate planning documents we provide are information rich and carefully detailed to provide all the information needed to fully understand the client's estate plan.

Our estate planning lawyers are also available to answer your queries throughout the estate planning process and we can arrange to meet with you and/or your client either in our Sydney offices or via a web-based meeting service through the attending advisers offices.

Estate planning is so much more than a simple will -  our standard estate planning package also includes:

  • Will
  • enduring power of attorney
  • appointment of enduring guardian
  • memorandum of wishes (to provide non-binding special instructions to executors)
  • living will
  • advice on all these documents

For more information as to how this unique advisor based service may assist you in driving a successful estate planning practice, please call our office on 02 8296 6266