Trust amendment

Price: $POA

This service requires legal advice and tailoring. Quoted fees for client acceptance will vary based on the complexity of the advice and/or documentation required.

The terms on which a trust is established and operated will likely change from time to time to ensure the needs of the trust beneficiaries are met, that the trustee is appropriately empowered to manage the trust, and that the trust remains legally compliant.

The terms of a trust can only be validly amended when the amendment complies with the existing trust deeds and rules. Our lawyers can also review existing trust documentation to ensure that the any variation of trust terms is compliant and therefore effective.

What's included:

  • legal review
  • cover letter explaining the documents and service provided
  • deed(s) of variation/amendment
  • resolutions of trustee(s) and members
  • consent(s) of third parties such as employers, appointors etc (if required)

As these documents require legal tailoring, please fill out our no obligation enquiry tab and we will be pleased to contact you shortly, or call 02 8296 6266 for more immediate assistance.