Asset protection and estate plan co-ordination

This service requires legal advice and tailoring.  Quoted fees for client acceptance will vary based on the complexity of the advice and/or documentation required.

The unfortunate reality is that successful business people must have plans in case of investment failure and death. 

Townsends Lawyers offer deep experience in the development of life stage asset protection planning and documentation and the vital link to estate planning.  Such strategies may include protection of assets from claims made by creditors, administrators, ex-spouses, de facto partners and unforseen (or undesirable) beneficiaries.   This service can play a vital role in the risk management of a person's investment strategies, particularly in the area of risk management.

What's included:

  • what documents are necessary depends on the nature of the matter at hand
  • your Townsends lawyer will take a full brief and propose a strategy and quote for client acceptance before work on the matter commences.

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