Estate planning fact find - testamentary manual

Price: $185

The Testamentary Manual is a comprehensive Fact Find specifically designed by our estate planning experts, Townsends Lawyers, to guide an advisor and/or direct client through a structured information gathering process that captures  the client information needed in the provision of a holistic, cost-effective estate planning service.

The Manual can also be used to legally show testamentary intentions and is therefore also an invaluable resource for clients who become suddenly unwell, may be losing capacity, or are simply leaving the country on short notice and wish to begin the estate planning process before leaving.

Our estate planning lawyers are also available to answer your queries throughout the estate planning process and we can arrange to meet with you and/or your client either in our Sydney offices or via a web-based meeting service from the advisers offices in the event that further assistance is required.

For more information as to how this unique advisor based service may assist you in driving a successful estate planning practice, please call our office on 02 8296 6266