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SUPERCentral and its associates Townsends Lawyers, offer a comprehensive estate planning resource for both corporate and private clients. 

Our services range from cost-effective solutions to sophisticated strategies for complex estates. We specialise in trusts, gifting strategies, special needs trusts, and asset protection.

We also provide will review, will update, and business succession planning services. Rely on us to provide a strategic, tailored approach to protect assets, reduce taxes, and secure your legacy.

Estate plans

The standard estate plan package includes per person (as required): Will | EPOA | Enduring Guardian | Living Will | advice

Single $660 | Couple $990 with 'mirrored' documents

Estate planning is so much more than a will. Company structures, blended families, family trusts and business interests may all need special attention. Using a testamentary discretionary trust can seriously enhance and protect the value of gifts to loved ones.

Single $2,420 | Couple $3,630 with 'mirror' documents

A tailored estate plan can be required for high-value estates and to address strategic estate planning requirements, including those with complex gifts and testamentary discretionary trusts.


Our specific estate planning package is based on a standard estate plan and includes complex specific gifts

Single - $1,540 | Couple $2,310 with 'mirrored' documents
Enduring powers

The appointment of an enduring guardian must be in accordance with the requirements of each particular State.


A power of attorney is a document which appoints a person to act on an individual‘s behalf in relation to the appointor’s property and financial affairs. For added protection we can ensure that the power only takes effect when the grantor loses mental capacity


Whenever a new power of attorney is being granted, a revocation of an existing power of attorney is necessary, otherwise the principal may have concurrent appointments which could lead to conflict, such as when one attorney makes a decision and another attorney overrides it.

Entitlements under a Will

Most States have legislation that gives the close family of the deceased a right to part of the deceased’s estate, regardless of what is in the Will. But the class of persons who can claim is narrow and there may be a number of technical hurdles.

Estate planning fact find

Based on a brief fact find, this invaluable summary highlights specific key estate planning issues for consideration with a client.


This comprehensive estate planning guide & testamentary manual system provides a structured information gathering process and guide through key estate planning issues, or as an informal Wills (delete) in emergency situations.

Tailored Will services

Many clients complete a Will and then fail to revisit it for years; it’s concerning that some never do. A Will is not a static document that once signed can be forgotten.

$550 - $715

An estate plan, including a will, are not static documents. It is not difficult or necessarily expensive to change a will. It can be amended, modified, updated or even completely revoked at any time.

$550 - $825