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Provided seamlessly through your SUPERCentral account by our associated law firm Townsends Lawyers.

For other advisory, remediation and tailored documentation requirements not outlined below please call 02 8296 6266.

Superannuation advice
Complex change of trustee(s) / member(s)

Changing the trustee of trust can be complicated by various issues. For advice in changing the trustee when the circumstances are complex and including a change in membership of the fund should it be required.

In-specie benefit payments

We can assist with advice and preparation of compliance documents formally enacting an in-specie benefit payment.

In-specie contributions

We can assist with advice on, and preparation of, compliance documentation allowing for in-specie contributions by a member to their SMSF.

SMSF annual audit compliance advice and documentation

We can provide advice on a wide variety of issues relating to annual audits and can provide any documentation that may be required as a consequence.

SMSF death benefit planning

There are numerous forms of death benefit nomination. We can provide advice and implementation of a death benefit plan that complements a person’s estate plan so that their superannuation is gifted to the intended beneficiaries.

SMSF related party transactions

We provide tailored advice and documentation that allows an SMSF to deal with a related party.

Superannuation law compliance advice

Our team of lawyers are experts in the field of superannuation, with particular knowledge of self managed superannuation funds. We can provide tailored advice on a broad range of matters involving superannuation establishment, implementation, compliance, management and pensions.

Superannuation documentation
Deed of ratification

A party to a trust, often a trustee may take an action they are not empowered to do. A deed of ratification confirms that this action was approved by the authorised party and validates the action.

$330 - $550
Deed of release

A deed will outline duties and obligations that certain parties, such as the trustee, owe to other parties. A deed of release releases that party from their duties and obligations with the consent of the party owed that duty.

Superannuation splitting

When the Family Court orders are finalised, the parties might think that it’s all over, but when it comes to superannuation-splitting there’s considerably more to do.

Townsends Lawyers SMSF deed - optional update

Townsends Lawyers Superannuation Division assists clients to successfully navigate the legal and regulatory complexities of superannuation, especially self managed superannuation.

SMSF deed $396 - $1,232 | SMSF governing rules update $275